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Welcome to my Gameshark hacking & Gran Turismo 2 hybrid site! I 'll try to explain both without allot of tech terms, give you the basics and some stuff that has worked for me on how to hack the psx game console with the Gameshark Pro and various utilities. And how to build Hybrid cars for the game Gran Turismo 2. To learn more on these subjects I'll hook you up on my LINKS   page.
Click the buttons on the left to navigate. I'll be adding much more soon. You can contact me via email by clicking the burning initials. Had to have a few animations.
Later, TC              
Big news hybrid fans! GT3 A-Spec hybrids are a reality!!!
The program and a "how to" guide is available at my buddy gearheads site. Check it out if your interested by going to my LINKS page.

updates:(7/5/01) Added list of  "Datel (Gameshark) Code Types" to the hacking page. (7/8/01) Added Joker code FAQ to hacking page.
(7/10/01) Added Gameshark codes page to help find what GT2 disc you own.
(7/11/01) Added some High Horsepower Gameshark codes to the codelist for
(2/20/02) GT3 info/links provided.
Coming soon : I will hace more GT3 hybrid info and some pictures.

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